Bag Love

I usually don’t get caught up in those special offers stores do, where if you buy $50 of merchandise you get a free bag, or some such thing.

However, I was at Barnes & Noble the other day, and spotted this bag which made every fiber of my year-long-Christmas-obsessed-self tingle with happiness.

Requirement? Buy any two items, get the bag for $10.

And heaven help me if I didn’t buy a greeting card and a magnet so that I could have my discounted bag.

I’m still trying to figure out who is the winner here.


And a partridge in a pear tree.

Oh how I love a good bargain.

And I mean LOVE.

I’m one of those obnoxious people who loves the thrill of the hunt. I don’t necessarily try to talk my way into bigger discounts – to me part of the excitement is actually stumbling upon that awesome deal.

And today was a good day.

Because the stars all aligned in a convenient and totally unplanned manner, I managed to find myself in a very nice Target store around 8:30 this morning…just as they were marking ALL the Christmas products 70% off. And I do mean ALL.

$39.19 later, here’s what I came out with. The poor man at the check-out didn’t even know what hit him.

In case you can’t see everything in the photo, let me break that down for you.

  • 27 gift bags of all shapes and sizes
  • 8 rolls of wrapping paper
  • 5 fake poinsettia stems
  • 5 “sprays” of berries/pinecones for wreaths/general decoration
  • 4 types of tissue paper
  • 2 containers of ornament hooks – one fancy, one plain
  • 2 large bags of bows
  • 1 spool of 200ft of wire-edged ribbon
  • 1 set up of cupcake wrappers
  • A partridge in a pear tree. Except not really.

Which means that I got 55 individual items. Roughly averaging to $0.71 an item.

I need to sit down – I’m weak at the knees.

And the best part is that I absolutely adore everything I got. Usually when I hit the after-holiday sales to pick up the next year’s Christmas cards/wrapping, I usually don’t like what I see. And every single item today is something that given a larger wallet, I might have spent full price on anyway.

Happy sigh.

I’m off to go roll around in wrapping paper now.

Happy New Year everyone!