Before & After: Studio!

My friends, I promise my absence between posts has been well justified, as I’ve been deeply in progress of settling into our new house.

I finally have a few rooms set up and situated, but I thought it’d be appropriate to start off my Before & After series with my studio!

I will admit, this is my most very favorite room in our entire house so far. Not that I’m biased or anything.

Before, it was our guest bedroom. Here’s a very sad little photo of what the room was previously. We hadn’t bought a guest bed yet so our air mattress was filling in.


My original studio had been upstairs in our finished attic space, but the lack of natural light and wall space for my eccentric art collection had me pretty depressed.

And so, because I can’t leave anything the same for more than 15 minutes at a time, I decided to swap rooms.

Pinterest of course gave me the inspiration I needed.

And in three days, I had the room painted, and swapped out with the guest room.

Aren’t you impressed?

I’m pretty much a beast. I know. You don’t have to tell me twice.

The only thing I haven’t completed (or started) is hanging frames on the walls. I need to ponder on that a bit more before I started gouging holes in our plaster walls. But my goal is to have it very much like this photo, with a giant bulletin board for inspiration pieces and a wall for framed artwork.

So, without further ado, here is my office. In all its messy glory. Because we’re all about honesty here, right? Also, Brinkley has to be an active part of every little thing I do, which means you will see his big pointy ears poking their way into photos that they don’t belong in.



I also feel the need to explain my abundance of plants. I do have a small herb garden, and in an act of desperation to keep a supply of fresh herbs through the winter, I’ve moved them up to my studio, which is the sunniest room in the house on a regular basis. Whether or not they live is to be determined, however, it certainly does smell amazing in here. Although I will appreciate the extra space once I move the survivors back outside in the spring.

And we’re all about small details aren’t we here at Little Stirrings?

Here are my small details that make me extra smile-y about my new studio.








And that’s that. I hope you love my new space as much as I do. And yes, I will post photos of my walls once I hang my artwork. Never fear!


It starts.

First it was a cool breeze on a hot day that caught my attention.

Then the nights got chilly.

A few leaves started turning a brilliant shade of red.

And before I knew it, it seemed that fall had just about arrived in our neighborhood.

Which means I am the happiest person on the face of the planet.

Brinkley doesn’t mind either, because the switch in the weather has brought on a new wave of stinkbugs that are infiltrating our house. He’s currently stalking the ones on the ceiling in my studio with reckless abandon.

Since we’re in a new house, decorating for autumn presents a bit more of a challenge this year, and I’m taking it a few steps at a time.

Wreaths were where I decided to begin. I’ve never been much of a wreath-maker, but fall colors make it pretty easy to throw something together.

Here are mine this year. I should note that including the cost of the grapevine wreaths, I didn’t spend more than $8 on either of these, including the ribbon. Not too shabby!





How are your autumn decorations coming along?

Make-Ahead Oatmeal

Friends, there is something that has rocked my world.

Something you need to know before I share this with you, is that I am very, very particular about breakfast foods. Particularly the textures that go into breakfast foods. Give me the wrong texture and I’m nauseous the rest of the day. This has been a life long trait, which is odd when you consider that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Which leads me to this breakfast discovery.

Cold oatmeal.

It sounds disgusting, yes?

I decided to give it a try though, since I not only read this blog post about “Tomorroats”, but I found around the same time a magazine article about a make-ahead breakfast oatmeal served cold.



Absolutely delicious. The recipe from Better Homes and Gardens (click here) for Overnight Oats with Fruit pretty much tastes like cold apple pie. Except without the incredible amount of calories.

Surprisingly, the texture didn’t bother me at all, and I’ve eaten it for breakfast several mornings since then.

Hurray for easy new morning recipes! If you’re feeling brave, I highly recommend trying it out. Yum!

Summer Harvest

I always forget how spoiled I get in the summertime. Even though it’s decidedly my least favorite season.

I can hear all the summer-lovers howling in dismay from here. Sorry my friends – I’m a snow bird. Give me a climate below seventy degrees and I’ll be happy the rest of my life.

However I do have to admit there is at least one fabulous thing that results from this excruciating heat, humidity and mosquito bites.


SO much produce.

And produce that results in more baked goods.

I guess I can forgive the summertime. We’ll call it a truce for now.




Mischievous Pup eyeing up my Blackberry Cake


Rhubarb Custard Pie made by my mother-in-law. Drool.