Life List

A big trend that I’m loving lately is that of Life Lists. Writing your dreams down helps you come a few steps closer to achieving those life goals. Goals can be something you want to do tomorrow, or something particularly lofty. And seeing other Life Lists can often inspire us with other dreams we may not have even imagined. I highly recommend writing yours down. Here is my Life List as it exists so far, and is by no means all-encompassing.

  • Host a themed dinner party like in the magazines
  • Own a gift shop and/or cafe
  • Volunteer/teach at a dance studio
  • Run a 5k
  • See the Macy’s Day parade in person
  • Organize a retreat with cute gifts and themes
  • See the pyramids (Egyptian, Mayan, etc.)
  • Attend the Altitude Design Summit
  • Sing the Hallelujah chorus as part of a choir
  • Swim in the great Salt Lake
  • Be properly trained to can foods, and to specifically make jam. (Botulism isn’t considered a great gift to give to friends.)
  • Walk on the Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Learn to make sushi
  • Make eggs benedict…with REAL hollandaise sauce
  • Take an Alaskan cruise
  • Start a blog
  • Learn to make homemade candies
  • Hike to the top of a snowcapped mountain
  • Create a line of greeting cards
  • See a tornado (and still be alive afterwards)
  • Be a part of a flash-mob
  • Become yoga-certified and teach a Christian yoga class
  • Learn to drive a stick-shift
  • Visit Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, and Bryce Canyon in Utah/Arizona
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Donate my hair to Locks of Love
  • Meet Meg Ryan
  • Do interior design / home staging consulting. (but still ongoing!)
  • Watch the Capitol Fourth fireworks from a picnic blanket in D.C.
  • Get involved with the Conservation / Green movement.
  • Design decorative tiling in my home.

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