The Main Stirrer: Megs

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Little Stirrings is the easiest way to describe my life, as I tend to never be able to settle myself down to one particular hobby or passion. I love to find the beautiful things tucked away in the dust. You’ll usually find me taking long morning walks with my dog, Brinkley, sharing a simple home cooked meal with my wonderful husband, Scott, or working at a local winery and getting to know the people I meet there.

I started originally started blogging while working a high-stress job as a way to remind myself that despite my working circumstances, I was a creative person with passions and interests outside of the 9 to 5 world. And to hopefully inspire others that needed a little reminding of that too.

I am so blessed to be free of that job and  to able to spend my days now exploring the things I love, and I love sharing it with you. If I could, I would spend my days exploring coffee shops and taking long walks with all of you.

Some Meg Trivia:

  • I’m allergic to all forms of adhesive. So please don’t stick tape on my arm as a joke.
  • I love all things historic – especially architecture. The older it is, the more it intrigues me.
  • I have a tendency to play outside in hurricanes and thunderstorms – I adore wild weather.
  • I am a major abuser of the smiley-face emoticon. 🙂 … 🙂 🙂 :).
  • I’m a huge fan of the green movement and being a local-vore.

One thought on “The Main Stirrer: Megs

  1. Hey hon! I just started my own blog after months of contemplating, so I thought I would share it to you. I have resigned from my job and am about to drive across the country to California to start my new career (and grad school) in winemaking, so I thought I would have plenty to write about!

    Hope you and Scott are doing well, and if you get the urge to come out west, let me know!

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