Contributor: Lauren

I’m a Southern-reformed Yankee with a big love of perfect playlists, two hour naps, and my dreamy husband.

My general attitude toward cooking/hostessing/decor is mainly inspired by three things. First, my amazing mother, who is a rock star in the kitchen. She taught me the importance of homemade soup and hot French bread on a snow day, how to cook to nurture both people’s stomachs and souls, and to stop often and admire the lovely, simple things. Second, Miss Megs, who continually teaches me that personal touches are priceless and that life is all too short to save desserts and breads and fancy teas for special occassions alone. And God, who created ever-changing seasons and holidays to continually inspire us. My heart dances at a subtly seasonally decorated house, a summer vegetable garden, and eggnog and apricot stars in front of the Christmas tree.

Some Lauren Trivia:

  • Of the six instruments my musician parents taught me, piano was the first and remains the only one I still play and love deeply.
  • I could live blissfully on fresh guacamole and chips.
  • I used to teach hip hop dance (yeeeeaahhh, boi).
  • I was named after Lauren Bacall and my grandmothers (Lauretta & Elizabeth).
  • I have eight nieces and nephews. And counting.

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