Ovens that are Dutch.

Recently I received a marvelous, very early birthday present from my sweet mother-in-law.

Something I had been drooling over for many, many months.

A Dutch Oven.

And not just any Dutch Oven, but one in the exact hue I had been searching for. It really is lovely.

I don’t have fantastic photos of it because I was too anxious to devour the two delicious dishes that it produced (like magic!) over the weekend, but I just had to share because now I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a Dutch Oven. It’s not quite as simple as a Crock Pot, but not quite as time-consuming as a stir fry. And anyone who knows me also knows that I’m a big fan of “One-Pot-Wonder” meals.

I decided to break it in with a traditional Beef Stew recipe from my Cook’s Illustrated cookbook. Which there was VERY little left of after being devoured by two hungry men (and me).

And my second recipe, which I found on one of my new favorite blogs – A Cozy Kitchen, was a tweaked version of  traditional Spanish Arroz Con Pollo.

Adrianna had me sold when she described it by saying, “it tastes like home.”

Yes please.

I was so pumped about how it tasted that I actually texted a friend of mine a photo raving about it.

Best. Recipe. Ever.

And really fairly simple to make!

I want to show you Adrianna’s photo just so you can understand the beauty of this dish, rather than base your opinion of it off my icky photo above.


Tastes like home.

So yes. I was just so excited I had to share my Dutch Oven adventures.

More to come, as long as I don’t throw my back out pulling it out of the oven.

Pretty sure this is my only kitchen tool that I feel like I need to start working out so that I can use it.

Probably need to start working out after eating what it produces too.


2 thoughts on “Ovens that are Dutch.

  1. Kohl’s! 🙂 It’s the Food Network brand. It was regularly $100 and we had a 30% off coupon. Still pricey, but SO much cheaper than a Le Creuset! And still feels like great quality.

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