Walk In Love – the Store!

I was digging around in my Drafts folder lately and discovered this post, which for some reason I never shared with you, even though I drafted it in June.

I’m more than slightly ashamed. 

But…I loved this particular post, and thus I’m willing to embarass myself a bit so that you can check this out!

While Scott and I were on our mini-vacation in Pennsylvania, one of our first stops was at the Park City Center Mall in Lancaster. Why stop at a mall on vacation? Because that is the home of the brand-spanking new Walk In Love store, recently opened by our friends and the amazing photographers of our wedding, Brooke & TJ Mousetis.

You probably remember the name of the store from my shameless promotion of their fundraising efforts earlier this year. It was absolutely fantastic to get to see where our donation went! (Not to mention being able to take a shopping spree in the store).

If you live anywhere near Lancaster – go pay them a visit. They have fantastic, disgustingly soft t-shirts with a message worth spreading, and other adorable merchandise like incredibly comfortable and cute headbands by the talented Folding Chair Designs.

If you don’t live anywhere near Lancaster…never fear – you can always order online, here!

Spread the love….walk in love!

They're on the map!! (and next to Cinnabon. Can we say deadly??)

Brooke! I'm pretty sure I have some embarassing high school memories with this girl, as her cousin just happens to be my best friend. Hmm.


2 thoughts on “Walk In Love – the Store!

  1. My grandparents live Just outside Lancaster in Intercourse. I have been to that mall many, many times. I’ll check out this new store the next time we’re in PA for a visit!

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