A Banana Revelation

I’d like to thank one of my favorite new blogs, Can You Stay for Dinner, for today’s revelation.

Andie’s post, Food I Prepare Ahead of Time, featured her breakfast of choice during the week – banana oatmeal.

via Can You Stay for Dinner

I love oatmeal.

I love bananas.

I love anything made with bananas.

WHY had I never thought about mixing the two of them?

So this morning I decided to whip up a batch of my own.

Old fashioned oats. Heaping spoonful of brown sugar. Dash of cinnamon. Splash of vanilla. Chopped walnuts. A little bit of cream. And one ripe banana.

Oats were cooked according to the package directions, all else was added afterwards. The heat of the steaming oats was enough to warm up the bananas and turn them into a delightfully moist addition.

I should have known it was fate for me to make this recipe. After all, Andie and I have the same bowls. Although hers are photographed much more beautifully.

Scott liked the oatmeal too. He’d tell you himself, but he curled up in the fetal position and died from happiness when he tasted it, considering he loves anything and everything banana-flavored.

Enjoy, my friends!


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