Compulsive Organizing: Recipes

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a compulsive organizer?

It really is a sickness.

I took advantage of several long weekends recently (thank you holiday season!) to tackle the ominous project of all the recipes I’ve collected over the years.

If I see a recipe I like in a magazine, I rip it out and save it.

If I see a recipe online, I print it out and save it.

Which makes for a lot of paper.

Lots. Of paper.

Six 1.5-inch binders, hundreds of sheet protectors, and several hours later — my hard work has paid off in a most satisfying way.

Behold…my recipe collection.

Yes. I have two binders for desserts. Don’t judge me.


One thought on “Compulsive Organizing: Recipes

  1. What a wonderful project. Only in my dreams could I take a big chunk of time and organize my recipes. Well done, Megan. It’s a beautiful work from cover to cover. Everyone needs TWO dessert albums especially if they have lots of chocolate recipes.

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