Merry Monday: Tacky Tinsel

Something I’m grateful for is that this year has been much more of a party year than a stay-home-and-bake-cookies year. The years seem to each have their own tune – recent years have found me in yoga pants baking until I sweat sugar, and decking my halls with as many decorations as I can rummage up.

This particular year feels like we’ve either been out of town or have had a home full of guests every weekend since Halloween. Not that I don’t love cookies. And I may or may not have indulged in a number that should remain undisclosed. But this party year is one that seems like a happy ending to our last year in Baltimore.

For our Christmas party this year, we joined the crowds and threw a Tacky Tinsel party. And it was delightful.

A great big thanks goes out to our friends Wes, Theresa, & David for hosting the party this year. Their home was so cozy!

One of my favorite parts of this party was the food.

I let the frosting-gods decide the fate of the cake I was baking for the event. Frosting turns out good, make it a pretty cake. Frosting turns out sketchy, make it a tacky cake.

Tacky cake definitely won out.

Without question, the show-stealer was our friend Pay’s veggie platter.

How can a veggie platter be exciting, you ask?

Just take a look at this guy.

Frosty the Veggie-Man!

I’m still so impressed by this I can hardly stand it. Three cheers for Pay!

She took two styrofoam balls and secured them with a rod through the center, and then skewered in cauliflower and peeled radishes for the main body portion. The rest is fairly self-explanatory.

And major discovery? I actually really enjoy radishes when they’re peeled. They’re significantly more mild and still have a great crunch. Helloooo new vegetable!

Frosty the Veggie-Man didn’t last very long. He wasn’t too happy about it.

We also braved freezing temperatures and snow flurries and ventured out to see the neighborhood’s infamous house of lights. Nothing says Christmas like Griswold-family-style decorations!

It was fabulous.

I might want to do this to my own home someday.

It’s a dream of mine to have my home seen from outer space.

I hope you’re all enjoying the final days before Christmas. Indulge in Christmas movie marathons…eat all Santa’s cookies, and take an evening to do nothing but bask in the glow of Christmas lights.

Merry, Merry Monday!


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