Merry Monday: Vacation

I probably should have mentioned it beforehand, but I am on VACATION this week. Well, until Thursday.

My parents arrived last Thursday and we had our own mini-Christmas here in Baltimore, followed by the ever-painful parting of ways on Monday morning. But I did a smart thing for once – when planning time off for their  visit, I managed to tack on a few extra days for recovery. Three whole days to spend in my bathrobe and do whatever I darn well feel like doing. Which honestly, has been nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. And I’ve never enjoyed it more.

Thus the reason the Merry Monday post is arriving late Tuesday evening.

And thus the reason this Merry Monday post is less full of ideas and more of a report of recent life here in my household.

To start…right before my parents arrived, I managed to catch my first cold in a year. Not too shabby to have been healthy for so long, but poor timing to say the least.

Fortunately, a hearty homemade breakfast and funny bananas courtesy of my studly husband were just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, we went with my parents and some friends to our new favorite place: Turkey Point Lighthouse. Despite it being windy and freezing cold, we had a great time, and Scott snapped this adorable photo of our friend and his daughter.

Sunday we celebrated my mom’s 30th birthday. 40th? 50th? Who knows. She’s pretty and snarky, and that’s all that matters.

Not to mention her birthday was a fantastic excuse for me to make a sinfully rich and delicious chocolate “cake”.

We opened presents…

And we cooked. A lot.

See those noodle-looking things?

That would be homemade Spaetzle. A german dumpling recipe that has been passed down in my family for generations. There are usually fights for the very last dumpling every holiday. If I could only somehow let you know how good they taste…you would understand.

However, you’re never getting the recipe. You’ll just have to come over and sample it yourself. Although if you’re good, I might show you how it’s made someday.


In other news, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and catching up on blogs I enjoy. So here’s a little link love for you:

So Merry Tuesday everyone. I hope that in the midst of all your merry-making and holiday plans you’re taking time to enjoy the little, normal things that make life truly special. Take a break from your cookie-baking and your party-planning and listen to a song or read an article that brings tears to your eyes. It’s worth it. I promise.


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