First Annual Pie Party

Merry Monday!

While reading one of my magazines recently, I came across an article discussing people’s various holiday traditions that were…a little non-traditional. The one that leapt out at me for fairly obvious reasons was that of a Pie Party. A woman didn’t like not ever being able to do a holiday-type meal with her friends since they were all with their families on Thanksgiving, so she decided to throw a Pie Party on the weekend after Thanksgiving, baking enough heavenly pies to have an option for every person in attendance.

I decided to jump on the train, although tweaking it a little to make it a potluck pie party, with everyone bringing a different pie. And it was DELICIOUS. 🙂 Coffee, laughter, homemade whipped cream, and of course lots of pie.

(And what’s a party without a great Christmas playlist?)

Even Tucker was tired after all that pie!

We also had the great blessing of getting to meet the newest addition to our group of friends – little Hannah Grace, born just a week or so ago! How adorable. Ella was just fascinated by her.

We all had a great time, and probably gained a few pounds just from the evening. Here’s to many more Pie Parties in the future – and I hope you join in this wonderful tradition too!


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