Merry Monday – Outdoor Inspirations

In my quest to find things I enjoy about living Baltimore, the drive to our church in Hunt Valley is rapidly encroaching on my list of favorite things. Hunt Valley is roughly half an hour north of the city right off of Interstate 83, which if you keep going takes you straight into Pennsylvania and Amish country. The Towson/Hunt Valley area is absolutely stunning – rolling hills, horse farms, and the epitome of tidy suburbia.

Our drive to church yesterday morning was especially gorgeous. The early morning sun and blue skies were glistening on a nice heavy frost, and the rolling hills were in every stage of gold and orange imaginable.

I’m not sure if we treasure this type of scenery because we don’t normally get to see it (I’m not sure I can think of a patch of grass anywhere remotely near our apartment), or if it was because the morning was particularly beautiful, but it got me to daydreaming about outdoor decorations for fall.

I feel like everyone decorates for Halloween and for Christmas, but what about the days in between? And to me, this is one of the loveliest times to decorate, because everything you need is in abundance in most people’s backyards.

If we actually had outdoor access to our apartment, these would be my inspiration boards this year.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest


Also – you all need to check out this adorable autumn decor post by Joy Ever After. Low budget, simple, and lovely. The picture below is taken from the post, just as an idea. I’m in love.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

This is what I’m dreaming of this week. A front porch to set plump pumpkins and mums on, and a cheery wreath to welcome friends.

How are you decorating your outdoors for fall this year? Do you have any traditions that make your entrance especially warm and friendly to holiday guests?

Merry Monday everyone!


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