Merry Mondays are Back!

You may or may not have noticed, but Little Stirrings has been fairly quiet the past month or two. I’m sure you all understand how life gets busy sometimes. And for me and the other Little Stirrings contributors…it’s been an intense few months!

But all that to say….by popular demand I’m poking my head back into the blogging world to bring back Merry Mondays!

Any of you who remember the Christmas Wookie Cookie are probably squirming with excitement right now…or is that just squirming?

And if I’m feeling ambitious…hopefully the Thursday Dinner Yumminess too. But we’ll see!

To recap, Merry Mondays were born as a way to share my favorite holiday ideas. Decorations, gift ideas, soundtracks, and of course FOOD — all my favorites for my favorite time of the year!

Conveniently, Halloween has fallen on a Monday this year. And wait, that’s TODAY! What a fun way to start back Merry Mondays. Most of you have probably already done all your Halloween parties, but it is definitely NOT too late for some delicious pumpkin-inspired goodies!

These two recipes will send shivers down your spine. Due to said busy-ness, I didn’t have a chance to document the making of these two treats… but I promise you, you need to make them. As quickly as possible. And when I inevitably make them again I’ll hopefully document step by mouth-watering step.

First up is Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze from Heather’s Dish. I whipped up this super-easy cake when I had some lovely girlfriends over for the weekend, and it was a huge hit. In fact they wouldn’t leave without me promising to send them the recipe.

Well, they probably would have left anyway, but I like to think that I could have kept them here just a little bit longer. So – here it is girls! The much-anticipated recipe.

Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze, gorgeous photo credit to Heather's Dish

The second recipe I feel morally obligated to share with all of you is from Pumpkin Crunch Cake from The Picky Apple.  I made this cake for a fall-themed birthday party at work and within 20 minutes of serving it had at least 5 people beg me for the recipe. So THANK YOU Picky Apple…so very very much! This is going to be a regular in my household for quite some time. Yum.

Pumpkin Crunch Cake. Photo by the wonderful Picky Apple.

I found some other sweet Halloween-themed food goodies that I just love too, and would definitely make them if I was having a party this year.

Which for the record, this is the first year in my remembered-life that I haven’t carved a pumpkin. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Sigh. Do you believe me now when I say that life has been crazy-busy? I’ll definitely be remedy-ing that next year with these awesome guys.

Helloooo fangs!


But back to the other goodies that have a good chance of appearing in my home sometime in the near future.

The Great Pumpkin Cake via a Merrier World

Candy Corn Themed Pretzels via Baked Perfection

Pumpkin Veggie Platter via Pinterest

Candy Corn Cheesecake via Wilton

Are you drooling yet?

For those of you who are still throwing parties tonight, here are some adorable decoration ideas I just love.

Oh. And before I wrap this post up, just one more thing.

Ever been to a haunted house?

Ever been so scared you didn’t know what to do with yourself?

Ever been SO glad that someone wasn’t taking a picture of you while you were scared?

…these people weren’t so lucky.

Hilarious post of 50 frightened people in a Haunted House..and I laughed hysterically the entire way through. Follow the link at your own risk – I don’t necessarily approve of all the language used.

And with that…I hope you all have a very Happy Halloween, filled with many treats and no tricks!


3 thoughts on “Merry Mondays are Back!

  1. Love this whole post 🙂 Just saying the words “pumpkin coffee cake with brown sugar glaze” makes my mouth start watering…

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