The first of October.

Here in Baltimore, we had a small taste of autumn over one weekend a few weeks ago. Then the weather suddenly decided to take a snap back to higher-than-normal temperatures (seriously September? the EIGHTIES?) with dripping humidity. For many, many days.

Appropriately and thankfully though, the first of October brought with it a cold front and a return to dry air with temperatures in the low sixties. Football weather. Chili weather. Boot weather. Hellloooo autumn, and my favorite time of the year!

With this kind of weather finally arriving, I couldn’t help but spend yesterday redecorating. And my proudest moment? We didn’t leave the house at all to do it – which means I didn’t spend a single penny. It’s amazing what you can do with the things already in your house, just by replacing photos in frames with some fun graphic prints.

source of grateful hearts print

source of fall tree print

I also took advantage of this burst of creativity to make new covers for our throw pillows in in the living area. One of my very favorite things is the fact that I have a large bin of fabric samples that I was given when I interned at an interior design firm in college because they were “outdated”. Most are the perfect size for pillows. So I just happen to have fabric on my pillows that retails for $88 a yard.

It’s a happy life. And I highly recommend making friends with interior designers. Chances are, they have a lot of old samples they’re needing to get rid of.

Also, I made use of my favorite staple gun to re-upholster an ugly little footstool I got at a yard sale a couple years ago for 25 cents. I have no issues admitting that it’s pretty ugly, but it’s a work in progress, and now I have a comfy place to rest my feet that isn’t the coffee table, and it happens to be covered in pretty fabric. Now I just have to figure out what to do with those legs…

I just love decorating for autumn, and I’m sure as I get out to farmer’s market and get a hold of more of those adorable decorative pumpkins, I’ll have more decorations to show you. But for the meantime, our house feels just a bit cozier, and I’m happy with the new vignettes and colorful fabrics that have entered our lives.

Want some more ideas for fall decorating? My friend Shelby from college has some of the most beautiful taste I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Check her out at her lovely honeysuckle blog!


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