The People & Critters We Saw….

I’d like to introduce you to some of the main reasons I love Vermont.

First…my mom and dad.

I absolutely hate that they live so far away, but a girl has to grow up I guess.

Reasons number two and three that I love Vermont: 

My Pop-Pop and my Gramma Trude.

Some of the most wonderful and fun people you’ll ever meet. Both can out-hike my entire family, despite being in their eighties, and my Gramma Trude will whip just about anyone’s tail in ping-pong. She’s sneaky like that.

Moving on to reason #4. My Opa.

This is the man that you can credit my snarky streak to. Whether or not that’s a good thing you can decide…but I personally think that a little snark adds some spice to life. Snark snark.

Next: RHEA!

Although she technically lives in New York, she’s only about an hour and a half from my parents’ house in Vermont, so we try to meet up with her every time we are up visiting. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and still one of my favorite people in the world.

On to some furrier reasons…

My precious pups.

Our little "fox" - Punkyn. old man.

These are the pups that I grew up with. We got them both when I was in the sixth grade and they’re the ones that kept me company through thick and thin. Zeb was my dog, and slept on my bed almost every night that I lived at home. He never left my side when I was sick with mono and after my foot surgery, and I know every whisker on his face. This was a bittersweet trip, as we recently found out that Zeb has cancer and most likely won’t make it to our next visit. I shed a lot of tears and snuggled him as much as I could. Growing up hurts sometimes.


Moving on!

Hellooooo COWS!

I’m not sure if we’ve ever addressed the fact that I love cows. They’re scary as anything when you’re standing outside next to them and you realize just how large and powerful they are, but I just love their big sideways ears and soft noses. These lovely ladies greeted us when we were headed to our favorite easy hiking spot.

Which leads me to my last favorite thing in Vermont, for the time being.

Meet Kit.

…but more on him later. 🙂 Muahaha.


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