Where We’ve Been



…on vacation!!! Can I get an amen?

If I close my eyes, I can almost believe I’m still in that lounge chair in my grandparents’ backyard. Sigh.

For the past 9 beautiful days, we were in Vermont getting some R&R and spending a lot of quality time with my precious family who I do not see nearly enough. Vermont has always held a large part of my heart after I lived there for a year after college, working for a ski resort. Not to mention I spent the majority of my childhood summers there. There’s just something about the smell and the feeling of life up there that I just can’t get enough of.

That said, the next few days I’ll be doing a little re-cap of our vacation adventures.

Don’t be fooled…we did a LOT of sleeping…and probably even more eating. But it wouldn’t be worth blogging if I couldn’t share my Vermont-love with you!

So…what did we do while we were there?


We hiked…

We canoed…

We drove to Lake George, New York to visit one of our wonderful college friends…

Where we were also treated to a rainbow just about the entire time we were there…

We played mini-golf…

We ate out at several lovely restaurants…

Our view from dinner at the Mountain Top Inn

My mom making sure my dad doesn't steal a bite of her dessert at Roots - a restaurant serving only local foods.

We went to a farm and got to pet the sheepies and the moo-cows. I mean…sheep and dairy cows. Ahem.

And I was talked into going into a corn maze…

…which was definitely not one of my wiser decisions.

two and a half hours later, we gave up and took the early exit out of the maze, determined to talk to the owner and to figure out what this thing looked like from the air.

Now that I’ve seen the aerial view…I’m amazed we even found the early exits.

I’m still having nightmares about being stuck somewhere and I can’t get out. If you need me, I’ll be curled up in the closet in the fetal position.

It’s a good thing I revive quickly when it comes to ice cream, or “creamies” as we call our favorite, oh-so-very-run-down snack shack that we’ve been going to since I was a little girl.

That’s it for now… more to come in the next few days!

Have you been on a wonderful vacation lately? I’d love to hear about it!


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