Cleaning Sparklers

**Note from Meg: I tried this this morning as I was getting ready for work and it definitely works! My engagement ring is definitely a lot cleaner and sparkling like crazy. Woohoo!**

If you are anything like me – a working women who spends 1/4 of her time working, 1/4 of her time cooking/cleaning, 1/4 of her time sleeping (I wish!), and 1/4 of her time trying to figure out how to survive on a budget – then you probably find yourself with very little time to handle some of the little things in life… such as cleaning your precious jewelry. There are far more important things to do with what little “free” time you get and besides it is pricey or a hassle to constantly clean stuff that just gets dirty again, right?

Well think again! I have found a quick and inexpensive way to keep my “sparklers” sparkling in between professional cleanings… which honestly only happens about once or twice a year if I am lucky. And this process comes at the recommendation of my jeweler, so it is even professionally recommended.

So, while putting off some things is far too easy, give this quick jewelry cleaning process a try and your precious jewelry will thank you with a brilliance akin to a professional cleaning. Plus you would not believe how freshly cleaned jewelry can lift your spirits on a gloomy day. And did I mention is was cheap and easy?!

Step#1 – assemble the following items:

  • Your fine jewelry
  • A small jar or tall shot glass
  • Clear ammonia
  • An old toothbrush
  • Paper towels

The "ingredients"

Step #2 – Place jewelry into the jar and fill with enough ammonia to completely cover all the jewelry.

Note: if you do not have clear ammonia on hand, you can also use Windex cleaning solution as it is an ammonia based cleaner.

Soaking away in the ammonia. Note how clear the ammonia is at this point in the process.

Step #3 – Let the jewelry soak for about 15-20 minutes. (Feel free to do other things at this point… like watch a chick flick and eat some ice cream.)

Give the jar a swirl afterwards and you will see all the grunge that has been hiding in your jewelry. Gross!

Note the cloudiness. This was right after giving it a little swirl. Gross.

Step #4 – Remove the jewelry and rinse under warm water. Use the old toothbrush to scrub the jewelry to remove any remaining dirt from little crevices.

Scrub, scrub, scrub.

Step #5 – Dry off your “bling” and then shield your eyes from the brilliance of your clean jewelry.

Clean! Although, it's hard to see it in the bad lighting. Sorry.

And there you have it. Super simple, quick, cheap, and it really works. Every time a clean my wedding rings this way, which is about once a month or so, inevitably within the next 24 hours someone comments on how shiny and sparkly they are. And you can do this on rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Go clean your jewelry and let it start shining like a sustainable super nova. But I will warn you… once you find out how much gunk gets trapped inside and how easy it is to clean, you will be addicted. But there are worse things, I guess.

Happy sparkler cleaning!



2 thoughts on “Cleaning Sparklers

  1. Just a caveat…. not all jewelry should be cleaned with ammonia… turquoise and opals being notable execptions!!

  2. YES! I have cleaned my earrings exactly zero times in my life. I’ll often look at them and think, “I should clean these someday and get a little reminder of what they looked like before . . .” It’s an idle thought I’ve been chasing for years, so I’m glad to see the answer to my question leap out and rap me on the nose! I’m not sure I would’ve gotten to it otherwise. :p

    Thanks for sharing this!

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