Independence Day Re-Cap

As with any weekend that we’re away from home, I tend to not plan ahead and diligently have posts lined up, but just let things sit for a couple days until I get home and settled.


But nonetheless, here are a few photos of our weekend.

Scott’s dad bought kayaks for using down on their little corner of the river. And I am a VERY happy girl, having been in love with kayaking for quite some time now. I’m definitely my grandfather’s daughter, pointing out herons and other such wildlife to Scott. Despite when jet ski’s go roaring by us. Hmph.

I’m a pro, can’t you tell?

Kayaking at sunset isn’t too shabby either.

Let’s just revel in that sunset a few more minutes.


We also went to the wonderful wedding of some of Scott’s childhood friends on Saturday. The bride was stunning, and the groom was beaming. I just love weddings.

There maaaaayy have also been a photo booth at the wedding for guests to take silly pictures and then got to keep a copy, but one copy also went into a guestbook for the bride and groom. Brilliant, I tell you.

I’m pretty sure this is the best family photo of us Collins’s in a while.

And the rest of us had some fun too.

Other than that, it was a fairly laid back weekend! Hope you all had a fabulous Fourth!


One thought on “Independence Day Re-Cap

  1. Great river shots. It almost looks like the two kayaks are racing the two wave-riders and then we see your victory salute with the paddle.
    Loved seeing the costume photos. What fun!

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