Travel Urges: Colorado

Now that we’re all being hit with the heatwaves, I’m gonna back it up to evergreens and fluffy snow for nostalgia’s sake.

I have the distinct pleasure of getting to travel a good bit. Mostly for work, but lately a lot for fun. Those work trips afford me free (albeit often rushed) trips to new places and some sweet frequent flier miles that I get to use for fun (though they come at a price: red eye flights from the West Coast with 4am layovers at O’Hare, more airport food than I can fathom, and the occassional seedy hotel booking in San Francisco during an Apple conference, leaving me at the mercy of darling friends and their comfy couch.). I digress. I hope I will get to contribute to this little segment often – fun trips on the horizon this year!

Recently, Josh and I went to Durango, Colorado for my little brother’s college graduation. He’s lived there for 2 years. Until now, schedules, jobs and just how darn expensive flights are from Charlotte to Durango kept us all from going out. And I’ll tell you, it’s pretty incredible.

Durango, CO: Population 16,627 | Named for Durango, Spain and from the Basque word “Urango” meaning “water town” thanks to the Animas River that runs through it. | Elevation: 6,512 ft, though we stayed in the San Juan Forest, which is about 8,500 ft.

All that green = mountains. BIG mountains.

The view from our cabin. Over a foot of snow while we were there. I was in heaven.


The views were just absolutely unreal.

Hurley knows how to deal with the cold

A little hike over Durango with Sam

Mesa Verde - ancient cliff dwellings that were just amazing

I do love that brother of mine. : )


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