Bed Rest?

Hi my friends!

Short post today. I’ve barely been writing recently due to fighting a two-week cold, and just as I was coming out of it, I managed to sprain my back to the point where I can barely walk.

SO. Needless to say, I have not been cooking lately! While I am laying flat on my back though I am watching lots of interesting documentaries and catching up on reading so I will hopefully have lots of fresh ideas to share with you when I get back up and running.

In the meantime…I’ll be signing off from blogging for a few more days, and will hopefully be back and better than ever sometime next week.

Keep cooking, and stay cool during this monster heat wave!


2 thoughts on “Bed Rest?

    • Thanks!!! He’s been helping for sure. 🙂 He makes me a mean PB&J! But he’s a great sous-chef. He whipped up a delicious lasagna-style baked ziti under my supervision so we’re definitely not starving!

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