Early Harvest

Since we live in the city, I tend to live vicariously through my in-law’s garden. Courtesy of a rainy spring and some nice bursts of heat, their garden is coming along nicely, and I got to benefit from some of the early harvest. Peas, broccoli, beets, all varieties of lettuce, and scallions. Yummm.

Although I’ll go ahead and admit – my only experience with beets in life have been the kind that resemble jello-beets-in-a-can and that has not been a positive one. But I will experiment with anything at least once!

I haven’t cooked anything up yet, but I can definitely assure you that we are eating a LOT of salad this week. Which is going to lead towards something wonderful…something tasty…something fresh…perhaps maybe a salad week!?

I’m probably more excited about that than I should be, but I love salad.

Can you blame me?


Thought you might enjoy a few photos of this lovely harvest. And of a cute little bunny that was enjoying a meal of his own.

Happy Tuesday!


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