Happy Birthday, Sweet Nephew

One of our sweet nephews had a birthday recently….actually, the same day as Scott’s. (Which, for the record, was twenty days ago. If that gives you any idea of what this month has been like for us!) Here’s some photos of his precious 4th birthday. Seems like just yesterday he was just a fresh little wrinkle out of his momma’s belly.

We love you Jadon!

Jadon's awesome "Wipe-Out" themed birthday cake, made by his talented Grann.

"Jadon - make a goofy face."

Little brother to the birthday boy, Cameron.

Blowing out the birthday candles.

With his birthday present from Uncle Scott & Aunt Megan...Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Much fun was had on the slide.

This would be right before he chased me down with those bubble-covered arms.

Trying to get him to wave...instead...I think he's telling me I'm a loser?



One thought on “Happy Birthday, Sweet Nephew

  1. Hi, Megan
    This is Jadon. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. It was a fun time. Cameron and Grann made some bubble soap and we’re going to make lots of bubbles after lunch. I’m going to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. See ya, later –Jadon

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