A Rare Day Off

Today was a very rare day. Today, I took a day off from work just to take a day off. Now, I didn’t call in sick – I don’t really believe in doing that unless it’s the truth. But there was nothing major going on, except that I just needed a mental sanity day.

And heaven help me, it was wonderful.

What did I spend my day off doing?


There was a lot of cleaning, there was a lot of catching up on paperwork and phone calls I needed to make, and I made it through an entire season of Friends.

Here’s a few other things I did today.

I looked dreamily at my lettuce that I grow on my windowsill. Because I’m more than slightly weird. And I thought it was pretty. Don’t you agree?

After I finished staring at my lettuce, I made myself a pretty salad for lunch with some of it. Because one cannot stare at lettuce without wanting a salad. It’s fact.


And speaking of yum.

One of my projects for today (aside from making banana bread with some of the zillions of bananas in my freezer), was to follow in Grace’s footsteps and make some cookie dough to freeze. Because I’ve been having insatiable desires for homemade cookies lately, but never feel like making up the dough and then having 4 dozen cookies sitting around the house and getting dry and crusty.

I’ll share the recipe I used for the cookies some other time, but I used my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook and made the jumbo chocolate chip cookies and jumbo oatmeal raisin. I did a different twist on Grace’s cookies in that I went ahead and shaped them and froze them, so that all I have to do is pull out two or three cookie dough lumps and pop them in the oven.

Pre-frozen. Already delicious looking.

I’m pretty sure these are going to be my own personal go-to recipe from now on. Because ladies and gentlemen…THIS is a cookie.

Glass of milk absolutely mandatory.


Now that I’m drooling over these cookies again, I think it’s time for me to wrap up this post. To my working friends, I highly recommend taking a day off just to have “you-time”. I’m pretty sure that even though I didn’t technically rest at all today, I feel ten times more energized that if I had been laying on the beach.

Hurray for catching up on life! (and making giant cookies.)


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