Purse-o-nality: Lauren

Lauren here! So my purse is the part three of our little series. I’m  actually one day late in posting due to travel overload, but lately it’s all been for fun, so I’m not remotely complaining. : ) I unpacked my purse on a day I traveled for work, so it’s a little different than the usual, but not by much. It’s always a black hole of lip gloss and receipts. Here’s what I found:


Red manila folder (old school!)
Lucky magazine
Work laptop
Fiji water
Airborne tablets
Hand sanitizer
Saline nose spray
Hand cream (in French!)
Orbit gum
3 pens, 1 sharpie, 1 brown crayon…
Two USB drives
Moleskin journal with sweet grid paper
Two airplane boarding passes
Work badge
3 Afterglow lipsticks
3 other various chap stick/lip balms
Nail file
Burt’s Bees cuticle cream
Two cloths for alternately housing sunglasses and cleaning iPad
And all of that fits in this bad boy (bought for me by my husband, with counsel from the stylish Bekah Asselin):
Things 0f note:
+ I am the least organized of the three Stirrers, by FAR. Imagine all my stuff just tossed together in an undiscernable heap.
+ Where did I get that crayon????
+ I must have the best moisturized lips and nails in the entire world:
+ I, like Grace and Megs, am tremendously dependent on lists. I used to carry around a ton of little post-its and papers, but I gave in and consolidated in a notebook. Little graph paper Moleskin, you’re a doll.
+ Lastly, why doesn’t my back hurt more often? That’s a big freaking bunch of stuff.

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