…the Love Pig.

I’d like you to meet one of the cuter and more productive members of our family here in Baltimore.

Readers….Love Pig. Love Pig….readers.

There, I’m glad you’ve met.

I wanted you all to meet the Love Pig because he is one of our favorite ways to save up for date nights. Inspired by my lovely best friend and her own love stash, the Love Pig gets money added whenever either Scott or I are supremely happy with each other.

Loving thought? Or even when you’re mad at each other. Stick in a dollar. (Or dump all the change from your pockets and wallet). And the money resulting once Mr. Love Pig gets filled up is used strictly for a date night.

We got $17 out of him this most recent emptying, although it would have been more like $25, but we didn’t have enough to fill up full coin-rolls. Hurray for savings!

Start your own Love Pig today. I highly recommend it.


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