Travel Urges

Anyone who knows me knows that despite not having an ounce of French heritage, I’ve had a lifelong love of the French culture and language and have dreamed of traveling there.

I’m still nowhere close to this dream, but this article (brought to my attention by the fabulous Lauren) from the New York Times made my heart ache for France just a little more intensely. And if you need a little break from trying to make it through Friday, this will bring lovely daydreams to your head.

Read it. You’ll love it.

A Paris Farewell – by Amy M. Thomas

Photograph by Julien Goldstein for the New York Times.


2 thoughts on “Travel Urges

  1. Mm, just that picture makes my heart melt. Must learn French. 🙂

    Disclaimer for this article: you WILL want to eat your weight in French food post-read. Not good for diets.

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