Spring Cleaning

Sure enough, it’s that time of year again. As soon as the air gets remotely warm (and by remotely warm, I usually mean 45 to 55 degrees), I have the tendency to crank open all the windows and scour my house. Even though I prefer winter to summer (I know, I’m an odd snow bird), I still get cabin fever pretty easily. After a few months of no fresh air and cooking lots of heavy winter foods, I can barely stand the way the air in our apartment feels.

Because I apparently have no shame, and because like Monica on Friends I get a fairly large thrill out of having a clean house, here’s some photo documentation of Spring Cleaning at our house. Specifically, my kitchen. I rearrange so often that the rest of the house tends to stay fairly clean.

But first, I rounded up the majority of my plants. Sadly, this is not all my plants, and our apartment is about 850 square feet, if even. I think I have an obsession. Bathtime! It’s recommended to give your houseplants a little bath to get the dust off and make them sparkly clean on a regular basis, although for me it usually only happens about once a year. Oops.

Okay, so back to the kitchen. Umm…I may have made a mess.

Yep, those are actual dust/flour circles where my canisters usually sit on the bar.

This would be the tray from our toaster…AFTER I shook it into the trash can. *ahem* Next slide please?

Wiping EVERYTHING down with bleach water – inside and outside of the cabinet doors. Countertops. And the backsplash above my stove may or may not have changed color. Yikes.

It always gets worse before it gets better. *cringe* Did I mention I deep cleaned the refrigerator too? (Apparently the photo lighting changes too.)

Let’s break for a moment…ahhh…fresh air! Look at those curtains billowing. I love it.

And…voila! Nice clean kitchen! I wound up putting two of my rubber placemats from IKEA in the corner to cover a seam in the countertop that was expanding from dish-drainer-splashings seeping into the seam.

Look at those countertops shine!!

Oh my heavens. I can hardly stand it. Five hours well worth it, and now my kitchen is sparkling and ready for springtime cooking. Hurray!


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