Completely Random

This is going to be one of those completely random posts that doesn’t really seem cohesive, so be warned.

First, my friends have had some awesome links that I’m loving.

  • My friend Kristen, amazing author of, had a post today with her thoughts on surviving whatever may happen with gas prices in the upcoming year. Read it here.
  • My best friend’s precious daughter teaches us a great lesson about life. Read it here.
  • My friend Aliesha made some homemade Chinese Takeout that has my mouth watering, and I’m absolutely dying to try it. Check out her Chinese Sesame Chicken here.
  • One of my favorite people (and also the photographer from our wedding) – Brooke and her husband TJ are opening up a store! Please please go check out their video about the launch here (and also Walk In Love’s website here).
  • And last but not least…if you need a little puppy lovin’, here’s one of my favorite posts from one of my favorite bloggers who I’m friends with in my dreams. Otherwise known as Pioneer Woman, or Ree Drummond. Oh Charlie, what a dog.
Second…random pictures from recently. Because it’s not a random post without random photos.

Anthropologie has won the award for best presentation of your birthday coupon. A little envelope with stars on it arrived in my mailbox, and inside the envelope was a little fabric pouch with a star-shaped button on it, and inside that little pouch was the birthday coupon. Talk about marketing!

One advantage of being up early is getting to see the morning sun on the city buildings. Love.

What in the world are all those dots?

Goosen! This was taken this weekend from the dock at Scott’s parents house. We think these were snow geese. So beautiful and serene.

All the storms lately brought a new tree up to the surface near the dock. This picture doesn’t do justice to how big it actually is – I think it’s there to stay for a while.

Scott, jumping for joy that it’s not below 30 degrees. Or maybe just because I told him to jump. You guess.

This should make you all feel better about the winter. This is my parents’ driveway in Vermont as of yesterday, where they are no longer able to snow-blow and can barely even shovel because the snowbanks are nearing six feet tall in some locations. Believe it or not, there is a fence that ends at that light-post. you can almost see it peeking out. Oh, by the way, they got MORE snow this morning.

And last but not least, I found this gem on my cell phone. Scott’s best friend Christian, and a frequent visitor to our house. We love him.

I think that’s all my random for today. Hope you all had a great weekend!



One thought on “Completely Random

  1. >Okay, two things. The picture of Scott jumping looks professional. It's awesome, Megs! Second, I really would like to know what Scott said that was removed. Ha.

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