>Tomorrow is my birthday, and my amazing husband may or may not have gotten me a new wallet and a staple gun for the event.

Um. A staple gun, you say?

Best. Present. Ever.

I may or may not have been running around the apartment like a madwoman, cackling loudly, “CAN YOU FEEEEEL THE POWER KRONK!?”

But I digress. What on earth am I doing with a staple gun? Many things eventually, but first and foremost on my mind was making a “headboard” for our bed. Which was largely a part of beginning our bedroom make-over.

Here is what our bedroom looked like when I woke up this morning, give or take a few things since this is an older photo.

Photo arrangement on the wall.

Now, I didn’t get any photos of the process of making my new “headboard”. This was mainly because I was so excited to use my staple gun that I was almost done before it occurred to me I should be documenting the process.

Essentially what I did was take three canvases (I tend to buy the cheap 2-packs when they’re on sale at Michael’s since I usually end up hating what I paint) and covering them with fabric samples that I had from my days of interning at an interior design firm. These three canvases had already been used, with paintings on them that I naturally didn’t like, so covering them didn’t seem like a waste at all to me. That’s where the staple gun came in handy. I centered the fabric on the design I wanted, pulled it taut, and then went to town. Awesome.

Here’s the result.

It was difficult for me to get an accurate photo of the colors throughout the bedroom change process, but I promise things do match.

To address a few things:

  • I didn’t buy a new comforter – the previous blue one was a duvet cover – this is what always lived underneath.
  • I’m undecided as to how I feel about the shelf over the covered panels, however I was feeling way too lazy to remove it, so for the time being, it’s still there.
  • The new rug on the floor does not match in any way shape or form, but it’s the size of one that I would like to get for our bedroom to break up the constant beige of the walls and carpet.
  • The constant beige is one reason we got a duvet cover, so I’m not sure how long I’ll last with the original beige comforter, but we’ll see.
Also, I did change the photos on the wall. It’s a mixture of wallpaper samples and fabric samples…again from my days of interning. (They had tons of outdated samples that were just going to get thrown away so I volunteered to take them. If you love having scraps to work with, check out your local interior design shops to find out when they update their samples.)

I moved a few other things around the wall, but here’s the final look of the bedroom for now.

I’m loving it for now, if not solely because it’s a change. But also – the total cost of this transformation was the $27 we spent on the staple gun and staples. Not a penny more. Everything else was just shifted around from other locations in the house.

Many happy sighs from Megs today. Nothing like a good re-decoration for my birthday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “>Staple-Gunner-ing.

  1. >Whoa!! That RUG!! That was in your brother's room when he was, hmmm, THREE??? That makes that rug… OLD?? Thought that thing had disappeared! Very nice changes!!

  2. >Love it all, and I am absolutely coveting a staple gun. My step-dad has one that I often sneak off with. : ) I am also blown away by the new pics/wallpaper/fabric. The combined pieces are grown-up, yet whimsical – personal, yet cultured. LOVE.

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