>Thud versus Woosh.

>Today was one of those tension filled days at work where everyone came in covered in snow and cranky because despite schools and courts all over the state being closed, Baltimore city was still open and running.

It rained most of the day, and then around 4pm, the frozen precipitation announced its arrival with a huge flash of lightning and loud thunder.

I got to walk several blocks home in something lovely they like to call a “Wintery Mix.” Otherwise known as snow, sleet, rain, hellfire, and brimstone, all pouring down from the sky with blustery winds that turn your umbrella inside out.

But I’m not bitter.

In fact, around 9pm, Scott and I decided to be spontaneous and geared up, heading to the roof of our seven-story parking garage. 

We threw snowballs, attempted a snowman, and made snow angels. We listened to the surprisingly satisfying “thud” that a huge snowball makes when you shove it off a ledge seven stories in the air. (Don’t worry, we made sure there were no pedestrians nearby.) We also discovered that the same huge snowballs make no sound whatsoever when aimed at subway vents, they just disappear through the grate with a little “woosh”. And for a long time, we just watched the snow swirling furiously through the sky scrapers, illuminated in huge rolling waves like the stars in Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

I tried to get some photos, but was too afraid of my camera getting wet so I snapped a few and quickly shoved it back in my safely-zippered pocket. So I apologize for the poor quality.

Back to the real world tomorrow, but we had fun indulging our inner children tonight. Hope those of you that had a snow day today got to enjoy it too!

The view out our apartment window. You can always tell when the
weather is bad because the clock tower begins to disappear.
Umbrellas in the street.
View from the parking garage.
Blurry, but look at that grin. 🙂
I always love how bright the sky is in the city when it snows. It glows
a bright orange-y pink.
A beautifully lit vacant building. The story of Baltimore.
Not too many people braving it down our street tonight. 
My snow angel. You can tell by the large rear-end imprint. 



3 thoughts on “>Thud versus Woosh.

  1. >what fun photos 😉 I love them! While we were in Costa Rica it rained a lot and I feel like I got a lot less photos because my camera stayed in my zippered pocket a lot…totally understand.

  2. >Thanks Kelli! Yeah, I desperately wanted more, but it was one of those moments where Scott won the argument of "remove the camera from your face and enjoy how beautiful it looks 'in real life' !!" 🙂

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