>Christmas 2010 Highlights

>Now that Scott and I are finally back home for a while, we’re getting the photos unloaded from our cameras and I’m reminiscing through the memories of another great Christmas. Here are our highlights from Christmas Day this year. Hope yours was just as wonderful!

Well, this was actually Christmas Eve, but too fun of a picture
to not post. This is my mom and I, about 2 seconds before I managed to fall
off the toboggan. Classic.
Santa brought Scott and my dad pencil torches in their stockings.
Our lives will never be the same.
The world’s most beautiful Christmas morning. …but I might be a little biased.
My sister-in-law bought my brother “grow-in-water” boxers.
It took a bit longer for them to inflate than we thought.
Go ahead, let your imagination run wild.
They will probably kill me for this, but I love it anyway. My brother and sister-in-law.
Love them.
The kids’ teamed up and bought my dad (or should I say my mom)
wireless headphones so he could watch his loud (obnoxious) news shows
without anyone else hearing a sound. With the exception of his hoots and hollers.
Props to Scott’s best friend for a hysterical wrapping job. And an AWESOME
Christmas present – tickets to an Anberlin concert later on this month.
This probably has a lot more meaning to members of my family, but my brother
got my Grammie a banana-keeper….for bananas on the go. Hilarious.
This is the same man that raced us on sleds the day before.
Love my Pop-pop.
Mom and Dad got my brother a gift card for Christmas. But instead of
just putting it in a card or a gift bag, they decided to make it interesting.
By wrapping it in saran wrap, tying a string to it, and burying it
deep in a jar of peanut butter. Which was wrapped like a normal present.
Have I mentioned that I love my family??
It may not look like much, but this is a recipe that has been passed down
for several generations in my family, and has been the source of many
Christmas meal feuds over who gets the last serving. My friends…be introduced
to Spaetzle – a homemade German dumpling/noodle. And sorry, you won’t
be getting the recipe from me anytime soon. Or ever. But you are welcome
to someday come share a holiday meal with me and
maybe I will share with you.
But only if you bring me a good present. And some chocolate.
I love this picture of my mom. Pretty, but you can just see that mischief
lying under the surface. 
Hilarious game of Blink with some family friends. 
And we’ll finish off with this. The photo that will cause me to be excommunicated
from our family. But it’s worth it, because it’s amazing. Remember mom – you gave birth
to me – you have to love me!



2 thoughts on “>Christmas 2010 Highlights

  1. >I adore your family, Megs, as usual. If ever I need to be adopted, Momma Louise is getting a call. 😉 Thanks for sharing your holiday sweetness!

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