>Hello…New Jersey…

>If any of you are Seinfeld watchers, you will have read that title with the same expression as Jerry saying, “Hello…Newman…”.

In case you weren’t aware, New Jersey and I are not on good terms. Ever. The one small exception is the town of Cape May, although that’s where my brother was in boot camp for the Coast Guard so my pleasant memories are weighed down with his bad ones.

My hatred of New Jersey goes back to childhood. I grew up in North Carolina, and as my grandparents lived in Vermont…we made the trek at least once a year from the South to New England in one long, marathon road trip, usually totaling around 17 hours in a suburban (which usually overheated at least once…in New Jersey).

The few times I’ve gotten car-sick, oh wait, that was in New Jersey.

Hideous horrible traffic? Yep. New Jersey.

Terrible drivers? New Jersey again.

Now, I have friends and family that I love dearly that are from and are even still currently living in this state, and I commend them for their dedication to the armpit of the East Coast.

But really…when you’re on your way home from a long vacation and your GPS looks like this…

…I vote you just bypass the state entirely. Please note that you can’t tell that 3/4 of the length of the New Jersey Turnpike was colored red…otherwise known as “Bend Over And Kiss Your Butt Goodbye Crimson”.

But I digress.

Except, not really. The whole purpose of this post was to bash New Jersey and to let go of a little post-holiday-travel anger I’ve been retaining. 

I feel much better now. Sorry New Jersey friends, but remember: you always have the choice to move.


One thought on “>Hello…New Jersey…

  1. >Hey, I may have the choice to move, but you could have gone around Jersey LOL!!!! :)Although the part of Jersey I am from is at the top portion of the state that is not red, because it is literally the middle of nowhere so there are no roads that ever get tons of traffic since not many people go through that part of the state LOL!!!! :)And Jersey Drivers are the best…I propose the bad drivers were those driving thru the state who do not actually live there LOL!!!! 🙂

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