>Featured Home: Lauren


This is a feature I would like to begin on a regular basis once I find some willing subjects. (cough cough). My precious friend Lauren was my first brave volunteer and has decided to share her home with us. I love her AND her home, not just because of her distinct modern and classy style, but because she has only lived in this townhouse for about three months, and it looks this put together.

Here’s her house tour, in her own words.

“Martha Stewart’s holiday DIY wreaths were taunting me with their gorgeous simplicity (and some not so simple options… pass), and thus I was inspired to make the most of the materials I had around the house. I used beautiful grey ribbon saved from last Christmas’s wrapping and four (ahem, fake) eucalyptus strands that I got at Pier 1 that had been sitting in a vase last year. I wanted Frasier Fir boughs, but I had the eucalyptus around and I remember my Mom always hanging fresh eucalyptus in the winter, so it made it special and nostalgic.  I bent them and fastened the strands together with thin, green wire in four places. The real feat was displaying it. No one makes wreath hangers for 9 foot doors. Or I assume so, because my brilliant, resourceful husband came up with a solution before I could suit up and go searching. We simply thumb tacked the ribbon to the top of the door. Minimal swinging. No sign of it from unless you are 10 feet tall, in which case you have bigger fish to fry, my friend!”

“I love dining rooms because I love the idea of a room solely dedicated to eating and enjoying the company of others. My two favorite things, surpassed only by napping. World Market table & chairs were one of the first things we bought together. It is nice and big now, but collapses so we can transition it to a smaller kitchen table someday when we have a house. The Christmas table décor was put together on the fly. Josh & I love unassuming festivity. It doesn’t shout “CHRISTMAS, SUCKAS!”, but it does nicely tie in the colors and materials of the season (WM placemats, Crate & Barrel garland, napkins & rings, Pier 1 twiggy things. The curtains are on their way out once we find a suitable alternative. Ideas welcome! Also, that light. That effing 1990’s light straight out of “The Fifth Element”. It has zero redeeming qualities, so pretend you never saw it.”

 “Yes, those are two bookcases. Yes, they are filled with glassware and bar accessories because, yes, we have more champagne flutes than we do Chaucer. I actually love that about us. But do not be deceived, we are literate! And to prove it, I stacked books (Barnes & Nobles Classics editions, $10ish a piece) to provide some levels and color. Mostly Jane Austen because she’s a bad ass. The photo on the smaller case is of Coit Tower in San Francisco, where my darling husband proposed (Etsy print, $30 + Target frame, $20). Frame within the case was the drink menu from our wedding, designed by my grossly talented best friend. “EAT” sign compliments of Pier 1 ($10 on sale), IKEA light ($15)”

“Best things about the living room are the couch and the light to the right of it. We both wanted a white couch, and coveted the ones from Pottery Barn, but knew they were well out of our price range. Enter the Outlet. This couch was basically stolen from PB Outlet for just under $600. It’s linen, people. For under $600. Shut. Up. It’s deliciously comfortable. IKEA lamp to the right ($60) is so fun to me. Very old Hollywood movie producer’s house. Josh spotted it at a friend’s house, who always seem to have the best taste. Others: IKEA Lack coffee table, $30; curtains came with the place, but I think from IKEA; hutch (with unstained legs, ahem, Josh) PB outlet, $20 (I KNOW); and why yes, that IS an IKEA dog bed basket holding our blankets. And no, we do not have a dog…).”

“As I suspect most newly married couples do, we mix and match a lot. A LOT. Josh is ultra-simple (borderline minimalist) and decidedly masculine in his color, fabric, who-are-we-kidding-everything choices. I’m not a floral motif kind of girl, but I do enjoy all things soft, charming and elegant. He loves Restoration Hardware, I love IKEA. The mix is evident. I’m just hoping we don’t look like a couple of frat boys anymore. Frames, IKEA; lovely white vases, Megs; painting, my own.”

Lauren is a Strategy Consultant at Touch, a Muzak Company. She has pretty much the coolest job ever, and resides in beautiful uptown Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband. Close friends since our freshman year of college, Lauren and I are two little odd peas in a pod, and I love her dearly.
Feeling brave? Think you’ve got interior decorating style? Send me photos of your own house tour – I’d love to feature it! 🙂

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