>Christmas Memories


So, remember those comments that I had readers leave in order to be eligible to win a free copy of Bittersweet, the book I just reviewed?

I had asked everyone to leave one of their favorite Christmas memories. And what followed was beautiful. 

Kathryn said…

There are too many little things I love about Christmas to pick one, honestly. But I think maybe the overarching thing that I love about the season is that it is DIFFERENT! I love the fact that we put so much time and effort into making it special – decorating, shopping, cooking, singing. We take the time to remember, celebrate and enjoy the things that we ought to celebrate continually (if only there was time!). Christ, friends, music, food, trees. Beauty in many shapes and forms.
I think God knows that His feeble people need these times. That’s why he instituted feasts and times of remembering and celebration for Israel.

Lauren said…

I have a lot of these, many of which I’ve already used to pollute your comments section. So I’ll use a new one. When I was maybe… 8 or 9? My favorite Aunt and cousins came to our house for Christmas and we all got bundled up one night, got in the car and went to drive through one of those parks that put up a ton of light displays. We all piled in the car (most likely a very glamorous minivan), belted out Christmas carols and made each other laugh until it hurt and stared in awe out the windows at the giant displays of snowmen and reindeer. I remember it being magical. Time spent with the people I loved the very most in the world.

kateconner said…

Christmas caroling with the “Canfield side!” Drums and kazoos and clarinets and shaker eggs and a guitar! 12 people crammed in a van, bundled in coats and scarves and mittens. Sitting in each others’ laps and in the floorboards, and practicing harmonies on the road. Piling out and singing, “Joy to the World,” followed by “Silent Night,” followed by “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Such a precious memory. 🙂

Tami Burt said…

Going to my grandparnts on Chistmas eve to celebrate and then lying down on the backseat on the way home, just trying to catch a glimpse of Santa in the sky! Years later, when I was pregnant and far from my famly, awakening to a hand made cherry wood cradle in my livig room!

Aliesha & Tad said…

I have great memories of decorating our tree together as a family and of driving around and looking at Christmas lights. But one of my favorite traditions our family started about 5 years ago was going shopping at Fresh Market (a fun, upscale grocery store). We’d all get to pick out Christmas treats (candy, specialty cheesecake, coffee, etc.) while enjoying the decorations (yes, they decorate beautifully for Christmas) and music.

Grace Renée said…

Favorite Christmas memories include getting a fresh Christmas tree every year – always in excess of 10 feet tall, waiting with rapt anticipation at the top of the stairs with my siblings in our favorite Christmas PJs for my parents to let us come down on Christmas morning, eating a traditional Christmas breakfast (a feast including cinnamon rolls made in the shape of a wreath and a HUGE citrus fruit salad), and then spending the day enjoying family, friends, food of all sorts, and a roaring fire.

svaughn120 said…

My family was wonderful through the holidays, but the memory that sticks out most was just two years ago. It was when my grandfather (Papa) was dying of gioblastoma(brain tumors). We were lucky enough to have him at the house Christmas Day. He was laying in the back TINY sun room in a hospital bed, while the rest of the family (all 17 of us) opened all of the presents in the living room. He was crying because he could hear the excitement in his grandchildrens voices and the laughter of his kids. We all saved the presents that him and his wife gave us and the presents we gave him and all squished ourselves into the sun room. Some of the kids were sitting in the bed with him, as we all opened the gifts from Nana and Papa, then we watched as Nana and Papa opened their present from all of us.
Typing this brings tears to my eyes, but it was a family memory and it was wonderful, because it was the last time our whole family was together before he passed away.

Elizabeth said…

I think my favorite Christmas memory was just a moment, really. It was the first year my daughter was old enough to participate. One night, in preparation, her daddy bundled her all up in oversized jackets and scarves (although she referred to them as “scerfs”) and headed out to the back yard to cut down a small pine tree. When they came inside, still rosy cheeked and bundled, I snapped their picture and the spoils of the hunt. It was a scrappy little thing, but in Lauren’s eyes – it was the biggest and most beautiful tree ever. I treasure that memory – the wonder in her eyes, the love in his. And they were my family.

Katherine said…

My favorite Christmas memory is the year we were in Paris for Christmas. We walked down the Champs-Elysees, all lit up and beautiful. It was snowing and in that moment everything seemed perfect and complete.

I hope these memories touched you like they did me.

Here are a few photos of some of my favorite Christmases past.

My Oma…5 years gone from us now, but her mischievous nature lives on.
Momma & my brother Andy. Andy surprised mom (dad and I were in
on the secret) by driving all night from Long Island where he
was stationed with the Coast Guard to where we lived in North
Carolina to be with us for Christmas.
Our well-behaved (cough) dogs, getting some Christmas treats
from Opa.
Count ’em, that’s FOUR desserts. And my best friend Kate and I
definitely had at least one piece of each.
Exhibit A – My dad in a snowman Santa hat.
Exhibit B – My dog helping open the presents.
I love my family.
My Pop-pop, who is over 80, remember, egging my brother and I
to do the Airplane.
All with our place-markers. We’re pretty much insane.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful December Sunday everyone!


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