>Merry Monday…. on hold.

>So, I have been M.I.A. for a few days due to some great holiday merriment which included a lot of delicious food and gluttony, getting up and meeting some precious friends at 6am to go shopping ALL DAY on Friday, and some good family time. I hope your holiday was wonderful too!

Thanksgiving Meal 2010. Wonder how much wine I’ve had at this point?

Today’s Merry Monday post is temporarily on hold, as my camera (which was actually Scott’s to begin with, but his had an image stabilizing feature which helped me with my obsessive no-flash-macro photos), has met with an untimely death. 

I rarely spill things, and when I do – it’s catastrophic. 

Incident #1: I spilled water all over my laptop in college, which resulted in a loud sizzle, and the replacement of 90% of the parts in the computer (under warranty, thankfully). 

Incident #2 was Saturday…when my camera and a cup of coffee managed to both spill off a table, and the majority of the coffee landed on the camera. We had hope that it might live at first, as it seemed to be functioning normally after I cleaned it up…but alas, the camera has passed on to the great wild yonder.

So…after I shed quite a few tears last night, Scott and I have agreed that the camera is “just a thing”, and we have moved on to continuing to build the nest-egg that already was the “Upgrade Megan’s Camera Fund”. 

Never fear though – I do still have my old camera, which works just fine and takes great photos – so I’ll be up and running again soon! 

In the meantime, I highly recommend going to check out my best friend Kate’s blog, where she is doing an Advent feature EVERY DAY until Christmas. Someone’s been a busy little girl! 

She is a fabulous writer, so click here to follow along with her story.

Kate and I in college, doing what we do. Which is apparently a little odd.

2 thoughts on “>Merry Monday…. on hold.

  1. >Haven't quite decided yet! I've always wanted an SLR, but point-and-shoot's are so convenient to have around on weekend trips, etc. I recently read about the Canon Powershot G11, which seems to be a combination of the two, but I still need to do the research. Any recommendations? 🙂

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