>Merry Mondays!

>It’s November 1st … know what that means? The holiday season is almost here!

This probably makes a large portion of you groan, but for the other small portion of the population like me, this just means we’re just a few weeks away from being able to listen to Christmas music on regular speakers and instead of our headphones.

In hopes of getting the Grinches in the holiday spirit, I’m going to start what will hopefully become an annual tradition: Merry Mondays! If you’re looking for a little bright spot as the days get darker and darker, I hope you’ll stop by for some great baking, inexpensive decorating tips, and an exchange of our favorite holiday memories.

To get things started, here is one of my personal favorite Thanksgiving traditions:

As far back as I can remember, the Macy’s Day Parade has been an essential part of my family’s Thanksgiving tradition. Mom and I turn up the TV in the kitchen and dance with a raw turkey (shh, don’t tell) to the tune of drumming marching bands. Nothing like a giant weiner dog floating down the street to lift your spirit!

We also spend a lot of time griping about how there are too many commercials, too many cut-aways to promotions  for the latest Broadway shows, and not nearly enough parade and giant balloons. Please tell me someone else remembers when they used to report on the Thanksgiving Day parade in Hawaii?? 

I’ll be away from my Mom this year at Thanksgiving but I’m fairly certain there will be at least one phone call to exchange snarky remarks about the parade reporters and to discuss how the food preparations are going.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?


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