>Another Autumn-ish Get-Together

>We were once again blessed to be surrounded by some great friends this weekend for another Autumn-ish get-together. Six girls, seven guys, and two of the cutest infants in the world. The guys were promptly exiled to one of the bachelor’s houses, and my apartment was taken over by girly activities. 

On the guys side, there were epic games of Settlers and two “growlers” of beer from our favorite local microbrewery, DuClaw. On the girls side, there was food talk, baby talk, crafting, and I’m pretty sure we cried about the ending of White Christmas and the last episode of Friends. And the caramel? And the chocolate? Did I mention the chocolate??? We all got back together at the end of the day and had one of the most delicious pot-luck suppers I’ve ever encountered. I’m a big fan of pot-luck. I highly recommend it, anytime you have a large number of people coming.

Having moved a lot in the past few years, I find myself incredibly grateful to finally have a group of friends again where my heart just exhales when I’m with them. They still all live between thirty minutes and an hour away from us, and yet somehow we manage to see them almost every weekend. In my perpetual struggle with contentment, these are the people that remind me how much there is to cherish in life. So thank you my wonderful friends, thank you.

Sappiness aside, I know all of you want to know about the caramel apples we ladies produced…but be patient! Good things come to those who wait. In the meantime…enjoy these few pictures I got of our extravaganza. (And by a few, I mean a few. I was not so diligent about taking pictures this time around! I was too busy being covered from head to toe in caramel and chocolate…and peanuts…and Snickers….woooahhh.)

Ready for a yummy potluck supper.
Fresh and waiting to be painted.
Before the mess really got started.
Oliver and his expressive little face. 

One thought on “>Another Autumn-ish Get-Together

  1. >You have a blogspot! And you write of your pot lucks in it! Those really are the best way to go when having tons of people over. So many different things, such less stress on your budget and kitchen! Props to Autumn-ish Get-Togethers

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